About The Coach

Mr. Masood Ali Khan the coach who expects miracles in his own and his clients life. He consistently works on the principle of creating change using the fastest, shortest and easiest methods. His clients usually experience tremendous change in their first session itself. With ever increasing experience in coaching clients deal with their health, wealth, business, relationship and and other issues.

Mr. Masood empowers his clients by educating them in the patterns of NLP so that they become self sufficient and capable of helping others as well.


““I was not well from a week and was having vomitings. I was on medication still there was no improvement in my health. Then Mr. Masood did nlp technique and within an hour i could have my dinner and the next day i was completely fine.“”

I was exhausted, sleep-deprived, aching all over, head splitting when I reached school for another hectic day of work with my primary students. I thought I would have a breakdown. After getting to work, I opened my “circle of excellence”. It made me forget that I had not slept in 2 days and I was energetic and on my toes the entire day.